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Q-What (requirements) do I need to get started?

Any desktop computer, laptop, tablet pcs with Windows operating system or Intel Based MAC operating system


Q- Does magicJack works with Iphone or Android

Yes, Off course

Q-Do I need an existing landline number?
No, you do not need an existing landline number. With magicJak, you receive a brand new phone number of your own choice that you can select while registering your magicJak

Q-What number or name will people see on their caller ID on a call from me?.
People that you call will see your ten-digit magicJak telephone number on their caller ID.

Q-Does magicJak receive incoming calls?
Yes. You get a regular ten-digit USA telephone number with magicJak, and anyone in the world can call you not matter whereever you are like you can receive calls on your USA phone number in Pakistan

Q- Will magicJak work with DSL internet service?
Yes. magicJak requires approximately 80 kbps of bandwidth.


Q- Does my computer system have to be on to make and receive calls?
Yes & No, as now there are two version of magicJack in magicjack standard version your computer must be on and you must have an active Internet connection to be able to place and receive calls but if you have magicJack plus you can receive and make call without turning on your computer at all.



If the computer is off, you do not have an active Internet connection, or the magicJak is unplugged from your computer, your magicJak voicemail will take the call.

Alternatively, you can enable call forwarding and have your magicJak number forwarded to a mobile, home or business number and shut your computer off or unplug your magicJak


Q- Can I use several magicJaks on the same computer?
Yes, you can use as many magicJaks as you would like on the same computer, but only one magicJak at a time.

Q- magicJak will not start on my computer why?
If your computer has been issued to you by your company and you are having issues loading the magicJak and you also have issues loading other applications or programs, your corporate administrator may have restricted your computer from downlading certain softwares. Many large companies, such as IBM and Citibank, place such restrictions on computers before issuing them to their employees.

Please try using your magicJak on a different computer that does not have these restrictions or simply turn off firewall in your computer.

Q- If I am on DSL, can I still use my computer?
Yes. magicJak will use only a portion of your bandwidth, so you can continue to use your computer and DSL connection.

Q-If my kids are using magicJak on their computer, can I use magicJak on my computer
Yes. More than one magicJak may be used at the same time behind the same router.

Q- Can I move my magicJak between different computers?
Yes, you can move your magicJak from one computer to another. magicJak is NOT tied to the computer it was originally registered on, which is why magicJak is so portable.
All you have to do is plug your magicJak into the new computer and wait for the software to appear and you will be able to make and receive calls within seconds.

Q- Will magicJak work on a Networked computer?
Yes. magicJak will work on a computer that is behind a router.

Q- Does magicJak work with wireless Internet (WI-FI)?
Yes, magicJak works with wireless Internet.


If you have any other question or having issue in using magicJack , magicJack plus or using on your Iphone or Android please feel free to contact us for support at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



"If you've pondered ditching your landline because of exorbitant phone bills, magicJack just may be for you. We were pleasantly surprised with how easy it is to use..."
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"A little device called magicJack will let you make calls from your phone to other phones in the United States... (the magicJack) has a real telephone jack on the side, letting you quickly bring almost any corded or cordless phone into the 21st century." - NY Times

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